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Fell at home ka sa Mayongs

As the tagline say “Fell At Home ka sa Mayongs”, lots of Ormocanon will definitely agreed to it.

Family At Home sa Mayongs

I personally, ever since my childhood days, when their is a birthday or a family celebration such as graduation. Mayong’s bakeshop and snackhouse would be the perfect venue. I’ve dine in some other places, but there’s no other place can make you fell at home as much as Mayongs.

Feeling at home is a feeling that makes you comfortable and at ease. Their has been many restaurant and snackhouse in the city by for me there’s no place like Mayong’s Bakeshop and Snackhouse.

My brother is a couple of years away from us but every time his in vacation, there’s no place where we dine in but only in mayongs.


2017 Entrepreneur of the Year Award

2017 -Homegrown Large Business Category of the Entrepreneur of the Year Award from the Manufacturing Sector -MR. PETER M. RODRIGUEZ, CEO of the Rodriguez Burger and Bread Corporation, operators of Mayong’s chain of Bakeshops and Snack houses.

This is the 3rd year that they are receiving this recognition, achieving a Hall of Famer status. They turn 32 years old this year. They have exciting projects in the pipeline, including the major remodeling of its first and flagship store. And the opening of its 25th branch at Robinson’s Mall in April and 26th branch at SM Center Ormoc in November.

Investing in research and development all year round to create new products and improve their operating systems. Using only quality ingredients for their wide range of bread and snack products. Always striving for excellence in customer service, keeping close to the heart the well being of their employees. Which now numbers over 400 – these are a few of the many reasons why they continue to grow. Inching closer to realizing their grand vision. That is, to become the bakeshop and snack house of choice in the Visayas and Mindanao region!


2017 Best SETUP Adoptor Region 8 Winner

Congratulation 2017 Best SETUP Adopter Region 8’s Regional Winner: Mayong’s Bakeshop and Snackhouse

The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) Region VIII, gives recognition of the important role of  (MSMEs) in spurring economic growth in the countryside. They awarded the best SETUP adoptors for the region is in the Micro – Small – Medium Enterprise.

Small Enterprise Technology Upgrading program or SETUP is for the innovative program of the DOST. Started in 2009, SETUP assists MSMEs in improving their operations to increase productivity, improve product quality, and ensure sustainability. As a result,

18 July 2018, World Trade Center, Philippines: Attended the SETUP Forum and awarding of 2017 Best SETUP Adoptor

Ormoc City’s pride of chain of bakeshop and snackhouse, for being the Region 8’s Regional Winner! Proudly a DOST Leyte project!”